General Aptitude Test 21

This General Aptitude Test #21 will measure your proficiency in a wide variety of subjects. There are 25 questions on the test, and there is no time limit. We have hundreds of general aptitude practice questions in our database. You’re welcome to retake the test as many times as you’d like.

You may not skip any of the questions on this general aptitude test. You must answer all 25 questions in order to receive your score. Your score will be shown immediately after you complete the test.

This is our 21st of 25 different general aptitude tests. You’re welcome to take the tests as many times as you’d like. The tests should contain different questions but they will all be of the same difficulty.

You’re welcome to retake this or any test on our website as many times as you’d like. We created these tests because some of us just like taking tests to measure our knowledge.

When you’ve completed the test there should be a button to View Answers. Wrong answers will be highlighted in red. The correct answers are shown in a box with a green outline.

General Aptitude Test 21