Verbal Aptitude Tests

Verbal aptitude tests are also called verbal reasoning tests. If your verbal and written English skills aren’t up to par, you should be very careful applying for jobs that require a verbal aptitude test. No employer wants a high-profile employee who can’t speak, read, and write commonly-accepted English. If your English skills are a bit rusty, you might want to first try one of our English Aptitude tests.

Verbal aptitude tests often include different types of questions. You might be presented with several words and asked which one is spelled incorrectly. You might be given a short passage to read then asked to answer questions on the passage. You might be asked if a question is written correctly or if it needs to be revised. You might be asked to correct the grammar or punctuation in a sentence.

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Below are the verbal aptitude tests we currently have available.

Verbal Aptitude Test #1

Verbal Aptitude Test #2

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Verbal Aptitude Test #3

Verbal Aptitude Test #4

Verbal Aptitude Test #5

Verbal Aptitude Test #6

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