College Aptitude Tests

College aptitude tests are not true aptitude tests for definition or by usage. Aptitude is your ability to learn new skills through training. Applying that definition to college, aptitude would be your ability to learn new subjects. However, most college aptitude tests measure your existing knowledge. Using this type of test, colleges want to know what you’ve already learned before you even start college!

The most well-known college aptitude test is the SAT. SAT originally stood for Scholastic Aptitude Test. After years of complaints that the test didn’t really measure aptitude, the College Board changed the name to Scholastic Assessment Test.  That’s closer to the truth.  The SAT doesn’t test your aptitude. It assesses your knowledge of subjects that you’ve already studied. In 1997, a representative of the College Board allegedly stated that SAT didn’t stand for anything. He said the phrase SAT was a trademark and didn’t stand for anything! It’s come a long way from being an aptitude test.

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We do offer college aptitude tests. In all reality, they’re SAT practice tests. Remember that they don’t test your aptitude because the SAT isn’t interested in aptitude. They test your academic knowledge. Below are the college aptitude tests that we currently offer.

College Aptitude Test Math

College Aptitude Test Reading

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College Aptitude Test Writing

Verbal Aptitude Tests

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