Military Aptitude Tests

Military aptitude tests are normally called the ASVAB. This acronym stands for the Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery. we have 50 different military aptitude tests available for practice!

The ASVAB consists of 9 different subject areas. These are Arithmetic Reasoning, Assembling Objects, Auto & Shop Information, Electronics Information, General Science, Mathematics Knowledge, Mechanical Comprehension, Paragraph Comprehension, and Word Knowledge.

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Click the name of a military aptitude test to begin.

Arithmetic Reasoning Test 1
Arithmetic Reasoning Test 2
Arithmetic Reasoning Test 3
Arithmetic Reasoning Test 4
Arithmetic Reasoning Test 5
Arithmetic Reasoning Test 6
Arithmetic Reasoning Test 7
Arithmetic Reasoning Test 8
Arithmetic Reasoning Test 9
Arithmetic Reasoning Test 10

Assembling Objects Test 1
Assembling Objects Test 2
Assembling Objects Test 3
Assembling Objects Test 4
Assembling Objects Test 5

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Auto & Shop Information Test 1
Auto & Shop Information Test 2
Auto & Shop Information Test 3
Auto & Shop Information Test 4
Auto & Shop Information Test 5

Electronics Information Test 1
Electronics Information Test 2
Electronics Information Test 3
Electronics Information Test 4
Electronics Information Test 5

General Science Test 1
General Science Test 2
General Science Test 3
General Science Test 4
General Science Test 5

Mathematics Knowledge Test 1
Mathematics Knowledge Test 2
Mathematics Knowledge Test 3
Mathematics Knowledge Test 4
Mathematics Knowledge Test 5

Mechanical Comprehension Aptitude Test #1
Mechanical Comprehension Aptitude Test #2
Mechanical Comprehension Aptitude Test #3
Mechanical Comprehension Aptitude Test #4
Mechanical Comprehension Aptitude Test #5

Paragraph Comprehension Test 1
Paragraph Comprehension Test 2
Paragraph Comprehension Test 3
Paragraph Comprehension Test 4
Paragraph Comprehension Test 5

Word Knowledge Test 1
Word Knowledge Test 2
Word Knowledge Test 3
Word Knowledge Test 4
Word Knowledge Test 5

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