Numerical Aptitude Tests

A numerical aptitude test normally measures your ability to “think outside the box.”  This type of test requires common math skills. You should have a proficient knowledge of decimals, fractions, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. If your math skills are a bit rusty, you might want to first try one  of our Math Aptitude tests.

The most common task for numerical aptitude tests is to find the missing number. You must figure out the relationship between each of the given numbers then determine which number is missing. For example, you might be presented with 1, 2, 3,  ? , 5. The missing number would, of course, be 4.

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Another type of numerical aptitude test involves interpreting graphs and charts. You must analyze data from the graph or chart in order to determine the correct answer. Some of the questions presented on numerical aptitude tests are word problems. If two oranges cost $1, how much would five oranges cost? Another type of question is the number comparison. You might be given five numbers, decimals, or fractions and asked to choose the smallest or largest one.

Below are the data analysis numerical aptitude tests we currently have available. Click the name of a numerical aptitude test to begin.

Numerical Aptitude Test – Data Analysis 1

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Numerical Aptitude Test – Data Analysis 2

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