Mechanical Aptitude Tests

Mechanical aptitude tests assess your ability to learn and determine the level ofcommon sense that you possess. Some people hate hearing the phrase “common sense” because it’s a subject that’s not taught in school. Common sense applies more to mechanical aptitude than any other type of aptitude tests.

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We should mention that mechanical aptitude often involves math. If your math skills are rusty, you might want to first try our free online Math Aptitude Tests. A typical mechanical aptitude question might state that a bolt has 20 threads per inch and ask how many times you would have to turn a wrench to move the bolt one inch.  If there are 20 threads per inch, you would have to turn the wrench 20 times. That’s common sense with a little applied mathematics.

Below are the Mechanical Aptitude Tests that we currently offer.

Mechanical Aptitude Test #1

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Mechanical Aptitude Test #2

Mechanical Aptitude Test #3

Mechanical Aptitude Test #4

Mechanical Aptitude Test #5

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